Electro Regenerative Medecine was born out of a deep desire to help people suffering with chronic health issues.  Creator and owner David Petroviak had an experience with a prototype device built according to Nikola Tesla’s long expired patents and realized the technology had real healing power for a number of chronic issues.  It was then than development on a new device began and after some time of development and improvements the ERT was born. 

People who used the ERT noticed drastic changes in many different issues and the ERT was launched.  Early on new stories began to come in and expanded the already long list of conditions that could be helped by ERT.  To this day we still get calls from our family of doctors with new stories of improvement in an ever growing list of conditions.  

ERT provides a streamlined, turn-key solution for doctors to implement into their practices.  We make it far easier to learn, implement and profit from a therapy that truly works and one where the patient will notice an immediate difference.

ERT began in 2010 with a mission and vision to provide a better, simpler, yet more effective therapy that makes a real difference for patients.  Since then we have helped over 150 clinics (and growing) throughout the country to better serve their patients and their communities by providing a simple, proven solution for those struggling with chronic health challenges.

ERT “Electro Regenerative Therapy” is a cutting edge, real world, incredibly effective therapy for a long list of issues experienced by a great majority of the population.  What makes ERT different is that other than being based on the world renowned PEMF technology, the ERT is the best of the PEMF based devices but built in a very different way.  Not only do we adhere closely to the original design info created by Nikola Tesla but we have included a number of specific healing frequencies that are interwoven into the pulse.  These frequencies do a great deal when paired with a properly formed pulse.  When we talk about pulse we are well aware that nearly every other device that uses PEMF technology in the moderate and higher power ranges is very uncomfortable for most people. 

At ERT we sought to create a device that would create real and rapid improvement without the pinch or painful experience nearly all other devices create.  We often hear that our therapy is very pleasant and feels like a nice massage.  People who have used other PEMF based devices are often very shocked at the difference.  Our doctors commonly report that patients with various conditions report massive and immediate improvement rather than the idea of dozens of sessions to show any change as is often the case with other PEMF based devices.  We pride our selves on this and the relationships with our wonderful family of doctors.   

Dr. Marc Funderlich

President and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Funderlich has an extensive background in medical device operations. As former Chief Medical Officer for a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber distribution company he will bring a wealth of knowledge on operating and implementing medical devices for Electro-Regenerative Therapy. His former work included everything from international distribution negotiation to architectural design implementation for outpatient surgical suites. He also has experience teaching and creating continuing education classes for online and in person events. This will allow Electro-Regenerative Therapy to grow and expand to become the industry leader in education for physicians and the public.

On the clinical side, Dr. Funderlich has experience working in environments ranging from Neurosurgery to Chiropractic. He currently serves as Medical Director for an expanding private Spine and Orthopedic Center that has grown from a single office to three in one years’ time, and will be expanding to 10 locations over the next 3 years.

Finally, Dr. Funderlich is now in progress on publishing multiple research papers with respect to PEMF and ERT more specifically. Dr. Funderlich’s goal is to help scale ERT while also transforming the company into a market leader for clinical outcomes and education.

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